After Dinner


I Need IT That Understands My Business


Presented by Dan Miller,


Do you or your business leaders wonder what your IT dollars are doing and if they are adding value to your companies mission? This session will help you understand the kind of things you can do to make sure your IT spend is going in the right places and your staff is equipped to support your business goals. Is the 'cloud' right for you? What are some of the risks associated with the use of technology in business? We'll give you questions your leadership should be asking and discuss why governance is a good thing for IT. We'll have some thoughts on understanding risks, creating real business value and leverage with the IT function. We will allow plenty of time for you to get your questions answered, so come prepared.



Dan Miller is a senior manager, with over 29 years' experience, on our Information Technology (IT) Consulting team in our Green Bay office.  Dan works with clients in the areas of technology infrastructure, IT strategic planning and staff development, technology risk management, business continuity planning, and information security.  Dan offers a unique perspective and approach to developing technology and organizational alignment tailored to his clients' needs, utilizing his past experiences and industry best practices.

January 21, 2015 - After Dinner