After Dinner


Accelerating Delivery of IT Value



Presented by Ryan D. Hatch,


Most businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver value faster to the marketplace.  Is your IT organization ready to keep pace?  How can we drive project success amidst rapid change?  How can we leverage our limited resources to deliver value faster?  How can we better align our business and technology teams?  How do we enable IT as an asset for innovation?  Learn how your IT organization can accelerate the delivery of business value to achieve success in the marketplace.



Ryan is a lean software entrepreneur & strategic product leader who helps great teams create market success.  He combines customer-centered innovation with rapid execution & continuous delivery. Ryan co-founded Dynamis, funded by Golden Angels in 2012, to create sales growth for insurance brokers and enable employers to maximize their group health insurance. He excels at coaching and energizing teams to deliver the highest value to both the customer and the business. Ryan now works with other high-growth companies & product development teams using lean principles to accelerate growth & time-to-market.

October 15, 2014 - After Dinner Speaker Series