After Dinner


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Technology Company


Presented by
Craig S. Dickman, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer

Breakthrough Fuel

Craig Dickman founded his company, Breakthrough Fuel, in 2004 to challenge the notion that nothing could be done about fuel costs for shipping goods in the US.  According to Craig, "Behind every innovation, behind every new creation, is somebody who's not satisfied with the status quo and knows there's a better way, somebody who sees an opportunity where others see problems, and some who sees the opportunity to connect a couple of dots where they've never been connected before."

How do you do it? Get out of your comfort zone, he said. Invest time and money. It took Breakthrough Fuel 17 months before it put its first product on the market, and now the company has saved its clients about a quarter of a billion dollars.

And, he said, innovation is a culture rather than a single event.  Clients expect new products and continual forward motion. "I was meeting a client and this person looked at me and said, 'Okay, you saved us $50 million. What are you going to do next?'  And you'll find if you attract companies that are interested in innovation, they're always going to ask you, 'What are you doing next?'" Dickman said.



Craig Dickman founded Breakthrough Fuel and currently serves as its CEO and chief innovation officer. As an experienced entrepreneur and business executive, he saw the opportunity to transform the way products are moved to market through the innovative management of energy. These innovations have produced multiple patents and established Breakthrough Fuel as the industry's leading mobile energy and energy information management company. Mr. Dickman is currently responsible for the company's business strategy and leads the innovation and new product development processes for Breakthrough Fuel.

Mr. Dickman received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and his Master's in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He is active in the community and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Green Bay Packers, Brown County Harbor Commission, UW-Green Bay's Council of Trustees and Foundation Board, and the board of Downtown Green Bay Inc.

He is the inventor on two patents for energy management, US Patent 7,729,998 and 8,190,533 and has additional patents pending. His company Breakthrough Fuel, was named the 2014 Insight Innovation Award winner by Insight Publications and was recognized with the "Winning through Innovation" award by Unilever.

September 17, 2014 - After Dinner Speaker Series