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From Whence Shall They Come: The Demand for Technical Skills


Presented by Lori M. Suddick

Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College

Lori M. Suddick will be discussing the two fundamental shifts that now are driving education as we consider the notion of "Student Success":  the aging of our workforce and the increased demand for mid to highly skilled labor.  With every high school graduate needing to complete some post-secondary education in order to sustain a family supporting wage, it is essential that education commits to insuring that all students successfully achieve the competencies and credentials necessary to meet business workforce demands and to continue to engage in life-long learning.
Kevin's 7:  Tips to Land Your Next Great Career
1. How to identify an appropriate career path based upon personality and interests
2. Discover how existing skillsets transfer into an alternate career path or industry sector
3. Utilize Labor Market Information to identify businesses in a selected career plan
4. Connect with others for support, guidance and to learn best practices
5. Develop a marketing message to crystallize a career goal
6. Uncover connections on LinkedIn to serve as a referral
7.  Find and be Found:


Lori has been employed with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) since 1999.  Prior to working at NWTC, she was Director of Rehabilitation for ManorCare Health Services.  Lori was initially hired at the College as an instructor to design and develop an associate degree program.  As an instructor, Lori facilitated learning in eleven core courses including classroom, lab, clinical, and authentic service learning experiences.  Lori served as Associate Dean of Health Sciences since 2005.  As Associate Dean, Lori provided leadership for ten allied health programs, was responsible for establishing learning experiences within the NEW Community Clinic at NWTC, and oversaw the NWTC Dental Clinic operation through the facilitation of strategic planning and partnerships to support diverse learning experiences.

Lori also managed multiple federal and state grants, served on many college-wide committees, including Service Learning and Assessment, in addition to actively participating in multiple local, state, and national committees.  She values her participation in community volunteer activities through her church and local school district. Lori transitioned to the role of Vice President for Learning in June 2009.

Lori holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Eastern Michigan University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education in Career & Technical Education through the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Lori is a 2008 graduate of the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute and has completed additional advanced coursework in budget, finance, and supervision.

October 21, 2015 - After Dinner