After Dinner


Project HAL


Presented by Cody Berndt, John Heimann & Ben Volbrecht

JJ Keller & Associates

The future is steadily approaching complete automation. Soon, the world will be comprised of both humans and artificial intelligence. However, before this day arrives, we must progress from one milestone functionality to the next. When you think of key functionality for AI, you think of its ability to communicate. This functionality exists today as voice recognition and text-to-speech. We have taken an application used by tens of thousands of drivers and integrated voice recognition and text-to-speech using Android's speech recognition and text-to-speech engines. The goal is to allow for complete hands-free use diminishing diversion of mind and eye contact from the road. In conjunction with new and futuristic technology, we have also implemented another surprise that will be presented during the presentation.


Cody Berndt is a Programmer Intern at J.J. Keller & Associates focusing on .Net web development and adventuring into mobile application development.

John Heimann is a Scrum Master\Sr. Developer at J. J. Keller & Associates with over 12 years IT experience working for companies in the construction, airline and compliance/transportation industries.  John is also a member of the North East Wisconsin Agile Users Group (NEWAUG).

Ben Vollbrecht is a developer at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. specializing in .NET web development as well as Android and iOS mobile development.


March 18, 2015 - After Dinner