Session 1


Isn't It Ionic?

Building faster Cordova/PhoneGap applications with the Ionic Framework


Presented by:

Matthew Ridley, Cheetah Software, LLC

Hybrid mobile applications are allowing teams to leverage their team's web skills and build cross platform applications quickly. Most teams are using Cordova with AngularJS/BootStrap. However getting a new project ready and getting the application into the hands of testers are still slowing them down. Find out what the Ionic Framework and Ionic View is and how it is becoming a crucial tool to get your Cordova applications to market faster.
How did we do it without a complete staff rebellion?  We will explain what it was like to
switch over to Google.  The pros and cons of going Google, and how our staff are using
Google to simplify and enhance their work lives


Matthew Ridley is the co-owner of Cheetah Software LLC. He has been developing professionally for nearly 15 years and has worked across a variety of platforms and languages. In the past couple of years he has begun to focus primarily on delivering mobile application solutions for businesses.

October 21st, 2015 - Session 1