Session 1

WebGL: An Engaging Web Experience, with None of the Overhead!


Presented by Adam Larson & Billy Sweetman

Zymo Entertainment

There is a growing interest in WebGL, the new technology that allows for real-time 3D graphics to exist directly in the browser.  ZyMo has been using this new technology to create amazing experiences, including games, data visualizations, product catalogs and  much, much more right in the browser, with no added drivers or software add-ins.  For years, developers have had to imbed images, videos, and other visual elements to build web pages.  We are using WebGL to create a more engaging user experience.  Adding visual effects and interactive graphics, we create effects that are impossible to achieve with any other available technology.  The ZyMo team plans to explain how it is used, with that are both rich, and amazing.



Adam Larson is President of Zymo Entertainment; a mobile and interactive software development company.  Adam comes from an engineering background, and has spent the last 12 years programming embedded software, games, and mobile applications.  His focus for the last few years has been in mobile development, and combining interactive elements into everyday business applications.  Adam attended college at the University of South Carolina, Spartanburg Methodist College, and at Westwood College, and has 2 bachelor's degrees; one in Computer Science and the other in Game Software Development.  When Adam isn't working, you'll find him spending time with his family, reading, or playing board games.

Billy Sweetman is the Creative Director at Zymo Entertainment; a Mobile and Interactive Software Development Company.  Billy has been officially working in the game industry as an artist and designer since 2006 and spent time as a modder before that.  He has shipped 7 game titles to date, ranging from living room console games to Mobile Apps.  In the last few years, Billy has expanded his focus from primarily game development to enhanced Mobile and PC-based user experiences, Augmented Reality applications, and Gamification ("The Gamification of ERP"). BillySweetman.jpg

November 19, 2014 - Session 1