Session 1


Developing with Django



Presented by Michael Moran

Flexagon LLC

As the pace of IT picks up, having tools that can enable rapid turnaround of applications is becoming increasingly important.  Django is a web framework written in Python that enables rapid development of applications, from simple one off apps, to very complicated applications with millions of users.  This presentation will cover some of the highlights of Django and how it can be used within your organization.



Michael Moran is a Senior Architect at Flexagon LLC in Green Bay, WI.  His primary focus is on enterprise architecture and integration.  As a consultant, he has worked with several prominent companies in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest helping them develop their integration strategy as well as architecting and implementing projects.  While Michael mostly works with the Oracle stack of technologies, primarily Oracle SOA Suite and E-Business Suite, he also has worked extensively with Python and JavaScript.  At Flexagon he has worked to develop their SOA FlexFoundation tooling as well as develop plugins for their FlexDeploy product.

April 8th, 2015 - Session 1