Session 2


Reporting On the Constantly Moving Dimension - Time



Presented by Benjamin Taylor

Pierce Manufacturing

Time doesn't stand still.  Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.  This is not only a play on words; it is also a reality that radically complicates reporting on data.

When you report on time based data, the value of any particular point in time needs to be categorized not only by the date on which it cocurred, but in reference to the date the reprot is being generated.

This presentation provides you with straight forward query techniques to categorize time based data, from the perspective of another point in time.  It will demonstrate how to use a rolling window methodology to easily preent different time ranges and periods using a single report definition.

The end result is the ability to use a single query replacing dozens of procedures, a reduction in report definitions, reduction of data storage and enhanced performance.

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Ben is an information technology professional who has focused on optimizing, mining and reporting on small and large volumes of data for nearly 30 years.  He ahs experience in many industries and technologies inlcuding SQL and No-SQL data stores.

March 18, 2015 - Session 2