Session 2


How to Know When Your Business is Ready for the Cloud


Presented by Larry Palmbach,

STL Data/Cloud/Staffing Services

Moving to the Cloud means one thing…trusting someone else with your most valuable asset.  Your data.  Relinquishing that control and putting total trust in someone can be a daunting and scary endeavor.  However, at STL we strive to ease your mind and educate you on how the advantages of the Cloud, as you will find, will greatly out-weigh any concerns you may have.  

These advantages include:
  • Workforce/User Mobility
  • High Availability of Applications and Systems
  • Data and Systems Security
  • Business and Insurance Expense Reductions
  • Business Continuity/DR Strategies
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Scalable/Elastic IT Infrastructure
  • Predictable Operating Budgets
  • Regulatory Compliance
At STL, is not about being given your trust.  It is about earning it.


Larry Palmbach has over 13 years of experience delivering technology services in both Wisconsin and markets across the county. Since starting at STL, Larry has provided technology solutions for businesses big and small. He has used his used in know how to provide the very best in Managed IT, Cloud, and Technology Consulting Services.  Before joining STL in 2103, Larry worked for Exacta Corp for 12 years, providing technology consulting and staffing solutions for clients throughout Wisconsin.  Prior to that, he worked for the Banta Book Group in New York and Chicago.  He received his BA from UW Eau Claire in '94 and now lives in Green Bay with his wife, children and dogs.

November 19, 2014 - Session 2