Session 2


Conquering Content Chaos:
Metadata and Taxonomy Services in SharePoint


Presented by Jon Cwiak

Managing content is difficult; Sometimes, complete chaos. SharePoint is a massive platform with lots of features & capabilities to help conquer this chaos and restore confidence in managing content.
In this talk I will describe where the chaos begins, where it shows its symptoms, and how to effectively treat the disease by applying the appropriate SharePoint features. This talk will primarily focus on enterprise SharePoint 2010 but I will touch on 2013 features as time allows.


  • Symptoms (what's wrong with me doc?)
  • Diagnosis (You're sick. Let's talk about why)
  • Prescription (A remedy you say?)
  • Prognosis (Let's talkā€¦)
  • Patterns & Principals
  • Demo
  • Follow Up Visit (Questions & comments)


My name Jon Cwiak. I am a technologist, teacher, and pioneer. I like building things. I have a special affinity for things created with ones and zeros. I work for Humana as a Senior Software Engineer where I help people realize ideas.

I've spent the last 15 years at multiple companies converting ones and zeros into measureable customer outcomes.  Somewhere along the way I got an education in Computer Science and Information Science.  I went on and got a Master's Degree in Software Engineering.  I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional at building things.

Sometimes I attend technology conferences like Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft Build, That Conference, etc. When not at technology conference, I am usually found lurking at local events such as TechOnTap, Northeast Wisconsin Developers User Group, FoxPass, and others. I spend whatever time is left checking out what nature has built by hiking and traveling.  I also like making things with Legos.

January 21, 2015 - Session 2