Session 2


Captain We Need More Containers
(A journey through Docker)



Presented by
Curt Gibeaut

API Healthcare

Docker is taking over the world. It is a container platform which helps with operationalization as well as development environments for most open source technologies. Docker is being supported by all three of the major cloud vendors today. (Microsoft Azure, Google, and Amazon Web Services) and can also run in your own datacenter. It may actually be the end to virtulization as we know it.



Curtis Gibeaut Jr. is an avid technology agnostic individual. He has worked across the technology industry from Telco, Information Technology, to software engineering. Curtis currently works for API Healthcare, a GE Healthcare Company, as Chief Architect. In this role he oversees development and architecture of their portfolio of Healthcare Workforce Management solutions. He also oversees all hosting operations which include multi-cloud (Amazon Web Service and Azure) as well as private and partner hosting.

May 19, 2015 - Session 2