Session 2


Lean Fusion



Presented by Bryan Jeffrey,

Terrafin Consulting

An introductory level presentation on Lean in the 21st Century, from an IT Leader's perspective.  The intent is for the audience to walk away with the basics of Lean, and how to incorporate Lean into IT.  This will focus on taking the basic Lean principles and methods, and incorporating them into a modern IT department, making IT Leadership full participant in projects and continuous improvement programs.  Instead of "Just-in-Time", we now have "Real Time" production monitoring with Real Time data management and dashboards, to name just a couple of the concepts.

The heart of Lean is "Continuous Improvement (CI)."  How can any modestly modern day company have a realistic expectation of CI with modern day technology?  IT is a potentially huge partner for Lean and continuous improvement programs, but unfortunately,  IT is often ignored at the outset of projects or forced to smash a pro forma square peg into a pre-engineered round hole.  By incorporating your IT professionals into your Continuous Improvement and Lean projects and programs from the genesis of your ideas, you enable IT to be a true force multiplier and enable them to harness constantly improving technology for your project managers and company leadership.


Bryan Jeffrey has over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and leading Lean Six Sigma programs. He started his Lean journey in Japan learning from Toyota. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with a number of Fortune 500 companies in a consulting role.

Over that time, Bryan focused on continuously improving his skill set. In addition to be a certified Master Black Belt, Bryan attained 4 degrees, including a Master's and Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Bryan is a true believer in leadership-focused operations management, and is always interested in acquiring wisdom and knowledge from fellow professionals.

September 17, 2014 - Session 2